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MiC - Ministero della Cultura


The Della Rovere Fortress of Senigallia is part of the management of the Marche Museum Regional Directorate. The Marche Museum Regional Directorate is an office of the Ministry of Culture (MiC). It was established on the basis of the DPCM No. 169 dated December 2, 2019, in force since February 5, 2020, and is a branch of the Museums General Directorate. The Directorate has the task of managing and giving value to the museums, institutes and places of culture handed over or entrusted to the Italian State.

The following museums are part of the Marche Museum Regional Directorate:

Antiquarium Statale di Numana (AN)

Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche di Ancona

Museo Archeologico Statale di Arcevia (AN)

Museo Archeologico Statale di Ascoli Piceno

Museo Archeologico Statale di Urbisaglia (MC)

Museo Archeologico Statale di Cingoli “Moscosi” (MC)

Museo Tattile Statale “Omero” di Ancona

Rocca Demaniale di Gradara (PU)

Rocca Roveresca di Senigallia (AN).


The Director of the Marche Museum Regional Directorate is Mr. Luigi Gallo, who also heads the National Gallery of the Marche region.


This Institute undertakes to offer the public as long as possible visiting hoursin compliance with the rules for opening to the publicthe surveillance and security of state museums and heritage (D.M. 30 giugno 2016), looking forward to hiring new staff.