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Giorgio Bonomi tells the story of the photographic self-portrait Italian archive

In the city of photography, Senigallia, the Della Rovere fortress hosts a photographic exhibition dedicated to the annual acquisitions of the Archive, which since 2015 is located at the Musinf (Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography of Senigallia). The exhibition, organized by Prof. Giorgio Bonomi, offers a vast overview of the photographic self-portraits of Italian and foreign artists.

Date and time:

until September 30, 2018


Della Rovere Fortress, ground floor

“Divagazioni” (Digressions): international art exhibition

“Divagazioni” (Digressions): international art exhibition

"Divagazioni" (Digressions) is an international art exhibition that expresses the multi-faceted creativity and freedom of the artists whose works are exhibited on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Della Rovere Fortress thanks to the "Urbino Arte" association. Date and...